Friday, December 3, 2010

My mind reading skills just aren't what they used to be..

I think Mr. Wonderful and I might need to work on our communication skills.

The Princess takes ballet at a studio downtown, which is a 45 minute drive for us each way.  It's very wearing on us as a family, which perhaps explains what happened last night.

I took P to dance yesterday and dropped her off for her early class, then she stayed and worked on schoolwork before her late class, which was supposed to finish at 7:45 pm.

The other child had Taekwondo yesterday.  Mr. Wonderful left to take him to Taekwondo at 6, and he was also supposed to finish up at 7:45.  Unbeknownst to me, Mr. Wonderful dropped him at Taekwondo and then decided to "help" me out and went to get the Princess.

The Princess happened to get finished early.

Mr. Wonderful, while being very wonderful in attempting to save me a trip, only neglected one small, teeny-tiny, little detail.

He forgot to tell me that he was picking the Princess up.

So...I left the house at 7:00, drove downtown and waited for P.  And waited.  And waited.  I didn't call Mr. Wonderful because I assumed that he was still at Taekwondo with The Boy and wouldn't hear the phone ring.  I kept calling The Princess's cell phone which kept going right to voicemail.  I was getting a bit panicky when I called the hubby's cellphone and The Princess answered!

To say I was shocked would be a gross understatement.

I was relieved that P was alright, but angry that Mr. W didn't let me know he was planning this little surprise, and then I realized that our poor son was sitting at Taekwondo waiting for someone to pick him up!

I yelled at Mr. Wonderful and said some bad words and Mr. Wonderful rushed to pick up our poor son.

I drove the 45 minutes home again, fuming the whole way.

I expected to find a contrite husband when I got home, but he was laughing about it and frankly, that didn't sit too well with me.  He was smart enough to greet me at the door with a glass of wine though...
In the light of day, I suppose it is kind of funny.  In a way.  Sorta. Vaguely.

In other news I have diligently been working on my Christmas cards, in spite of the fact that at some point during one of my cleaning binges for a last minute showing on the house I managed to hide my address book somewhere.  I'm sure I stuffed it into a drawer somewhere, but I can't find it anywhere.  Thank goodness for facebook messaging, which has allowed me to quickly contact people and beg them to send me their addresses!
I'm almost finished!

This weekend marks the beginning of the craziness of non-stop Nutcracker rehearsals...Nutcracker is in two weeks!  

The Princess is being confirmed Sunday at church (and then we will rush off to Nutcracker rehearsal again).  I'm also hoping to get some cookies baked this weekend with The Boy.

What are YOUR plans?

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