Sunday, October 30, 2011

72 Hours

The past 72 hours have been busy ones.

I insisted allowed The Princess to drive down the driveway. She doesn't have her learner's permit yet, but we thought it would be a good idea to let her start to get used to the feel of the brake and gas pedals - on private property without any other cars around!

Don't worry. This wasn't stressful or dramatic at all. The Princess didn't squeal in terror or start giggling uncontrollably or almost start hyperventilating at the mere thought of the excessive speeds she was going (3 mph!!) Naturally, she has been paying attention as we taught her brother to drive and so knew which was the gas and which was the brake pedal already. And naturally she already knew such things as to keep her foot on the brake before trying to put the car in gear. Naturally. Really. It was a piece of cake.

It was so easy, in fact, that I am going to let her father teach her to drive from now on. I think he'll really enjoy it, too. And you know how I am - I don't like to hog all the parenting joy. 

My BFF and I went to Costco on Friday. She has never been to Costco before. Can you believe that? She filled her cart up with all of the usual wonderful Costco delicacies and her three constantly ravenous teenagers were, apparently, quite happy.

The kids carved pumpkins for the Halloween party they were planning to have...

However, when the kids woke up on Saturday they both had sore throats and didn't feel a bunch of their friends were sick as well, so they decided to cancel the party.

They rested all day. And then, apparently they started feeling a bit better because they started rummaging through the old Halloween costumes...

I wasn't quite sure what The Boy was supposed to be. I asked him and he said, "Cool."

Hmm. Okay...

That's not a fake beard. It's grass. And that's a dinosaur on his forehead and a sun on one cheek and a lizard on the other.

He explained it all to me.

Isn't he...original?

And wonderful?

I love that kid.

The Princess transformed herself into a cat...

And she really got into character...she was grooming herself...

And then she snarled at me!!

The Princess with her inspiration, Jack!

It was quite entertaining. 

We had Smorgasbord Soup (my name for the fabulous culinary masterpiece which results when I combine the leftovers in the freezer into a savory soup) and then the kids built a fire in the fire pit and sat outside and talked.

I don't know what they talked about...I could only hear the murmur of their voices over the crackling of the fire and the incessant meowing of a hungry (Feed me! Feed me!) kitty. But it makes me so happy that my kids are friends. Deep down, under the squabbling, they like each other. They're best friends. 

And THAT makes me smile.

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