Friday, October 21, 2011

The one about a dance...and a couple of uncooperative zombie ghoul things

It's been a busy week around here, what with rehearsals and sickness and the end of the first quarter and so forth and so on.

Last night was first evening of The Princess's first dance concert at her new school. Mr. Wonderful and I picked the poor, tired, sick princess up after school and we all went out for a bit to eat...

I tried to record the moment for posterity but some people, who shall remain nameless but whose name begins with Mister and ends with Wonderful, were less than cooperative.

You know, people really ought to learn to cooperate with me when I'm trying to document our lives.

I'm just saying....

The Princess found her inner flower child and, apparently, inner peace...

After dinner and a chai tea latte to soothe her poor irritated throat, we headed back to the school. The Princess quickly took a dose of icky medicine so she could make it through the show...


And then she headed inside to apply stage makeup and put on her costume and warm up.

Mr. Wonderful and I killed time by sitting in the car, listening to NPR and talking. You'll be pleased to know that we solved the world's problems while sitting in the car for that hour killing time. If only the politicians cared about our opinions...



Then we went in and watched the show. It was good. Some parts were better than others, and naturally The Princess was the most beautiful and most talented and most fabulous one there. Of course, we are a teeny tiny bit biased, but still.

Unfortunately, once again, we were not allowed to take photographs or videos. The dance The Princess was in was cool though - it was a modern piece and was set to music by Otis Redding and the Rolling Stones. And, as I said, she was wonderful.

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