Saturday, October 1, 2011

The one about Costco, a haircut, and other weird stuff

Yesterday I woke up early and ran errands. I picked up a couple of little things to put aside for Christmas. I went to Costco and stocked up...on everything. I came home and butchered the rotisserie chicken I bought at Costco because I was starving. Then I went and had my hair done. It was an all-afternoon experience. In an attempt to save money I tried the new Aveda salon/school near us. I think my hair looks pretty good and I love the fact that it cost HALF of what it usually does (so does Mr. Wonderful!) I also quite enjoyed the hand and scalp massage!

When I got home it was 6:20 pm and I was exhausted, plus I felt a migraine coming on. We had grilled steak and enjoyed a family dinner, which is another one of the perks of changing The Princess's dance studio.

I wish my head hadn't been hurting and that I had a better memory, because our kids were on a roll last night at dinner. The conversation was lively and witty (where did the kids get those dry senses of humor?Oh yeah, that whole apple/tree thing.) and left me either gasping for breath through my tears of mirth or attempting to scold them for being inappropriate at the dinner table through my tears of mirth. 

Apparently, I need to bring a notepad to the dinner table with me to write down the one-liners and witticisms that went back and forth between The Boy and Mr. Wonderful, with a few zingers thrown in by The Princess. Instead I was busy laughing and whipping my head back and forth as if I were watching a tennis match, rather than enjoying an exuberant dinner conversation with my zany family. I did remember one exchange, which I warn you is very inappropriate...

The Boy has begun to use a lot of slang. He quotes rappers. He says things like, "Yo Dawg" and slouches and has this whole (in his opinion) cool vibe thing going on. (Don't ya' just love public school? *sigh*)

Mr. Wonderful and I are less than impressed with his new persona. Actually we find it a bit ridiculous. At one point in the evening, when the "dawgs" got to be a bit much Mr. Wonderful reminded The Boy that he was WHITE. The Boy, without missing a beat, responded, "                                         !"

(Oh crap. I started to tell this story, the ONLY exchange of the evening that I actually remember, and realized that I can't say that here. I just can't. But I'm leaving it on here...if you want to know what The Boy said, let me know and I'll send you a message! I warn you though, it's terrible inappropriate...although funny)


So, anyway, the dinner was fun. The kids are funny. I'm a flake because I can't remember anything except one comment which made me laugh while trying to scold him while laughing...Moving on...

This morning it is cool and crisp here...we have the windows open and are enjoying a nice breeze through the house. It feels like fall. I think I will look for my bins of fall decorations and make granola and run to Publix for a cinnamon broom. I'll clean and scrub and polish and wash the dog and change the sheets. I feel invigorated and energized! It's going to be a good day.

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