Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Glimpse Behind the Sunrise (aka My Kids Are Slobs!)

I enjoy the sunrises on the lake. In fact, I savor them. Mother Nature is clean and soothing in her perfection. I relish the simplicity and wonder of the sun's reflection on the calm, placid water. I soak up the tranquility.

Because then I turn around and I see that one of my dear, precious children was apparently eating outside and decided to just drop a paper towel. And leave it.

We had a few nights of chilly temperatures and The Boy had to bring his bird, Buddy, inside for the evening. Look at this photo - you can see exactly where The Boy set Buddy's cage. You know, several days ago. And you can still see the bird seed scattered all over the floor. I'm sure that it would only take a moment to sweep that bird seed up. I know that I've only asked The Boy to do it a few (hundred) times.

And then I found this in the freezer. Look closely. Can you see it?

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Yep. That's an empty container. Someone ate the last granola bar and then put an empty container back in the freezer.

Then there's the table. 

1. One of The Boy's school books
2. The Boy's camera
3. A cup and spoon
4. The Boy's laptop
5. Random papers, which I really hope is not homework which was due today.

On the other side of the table I find The Princess's towel. Apparently, she got out of the shower and walked around with the towel wrapped around her head until she felt her hair was sufficiently dry, whereupon she dropped the towel on the floor and left it there.

And then there is the laundry.

You see, I have been trying to get the dear, wonderful teenagers to do their own laundry. To become more responsible. To help out.

Perhaps you're wondering how that little endeavor is working out?

Not so well, actually.

The dear, precious little cherubs tend to dump the laundry on the couch, root through for one or two items and then leave the rest there. "I'll do it later" they tell me. Except later never seems to arrive. And the pile keeps growing and growing.

I try to ignore it. After all, it's not MY laundry, right? But I'll let you in on a little secret...that pile of laundry is about to disappear. I'm going to take care of it for them, all right. Oh yes, I am. It's going in a big ol' bag and getting dropped off at Salvation Army. you see why I love those peaceful, calm, tranquil sunrises so much?

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