Saturday, January 24, 2009

10 Things about Tim

And...10 things about Tim (also by Paige):

1. He lets me "style" his hair!

2. He used to play "Roadkill Barbie" with me. Another time he and Clay used one of my Barbies as bait. :(

3. He loves to read. (but he is sloooowww)

4. He is a good pilot.

5. He gives WILD rides on the tube!

6. He is smart. He helps me with homework all the time.

7. He is funny. Sometimes he is funnier than mom. Sometimes she is funnier than him. Sometimes Daddy is not as funny as HE thinks he is.

8. He is a hard worker. He works, comes home from work and does work at home, goes back to work. You get the idea.

9. He is very superstitious. He always makes Mom do the weird kissy thing before he goes to work. We (Clay and I) are not allowed to watch it, so I don't know much about it.

10. He loves his family.
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