Saturday, January 24, 2009

10 Things......

My friend Suzette did this in her blog, and has directed me to do the same. I have a hard time thinking of things about myself though, so Paige is helping here they are, 10 things about Lisa (by Paige):

1. My mom is really organized and a good cleaner. She helped me clean my closet out and get it organized and now it's HUGE!

2. She has really good handwriting.

3. She is fast at typing!

4. She is very pretty. You guys have all seen pictures, right?

5. She drives me everywhere...

6. She is an extremely good cook! Her chicken tetrazzini and vegetable soup, crepes with nutella, chocolate chip pecan pie, chicken pot pie, salad dressing, and especially when she experiments!

7. She loves to read.

8. She really wants to visit Egypt...but Daddy won't take her.

9. Dad is her best friend. They argue about who is funnier and they talk a lot and they kiss a lot and embarrass us!

10. She loves her children. :) For details, see numbers 5 and 6!
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