Monday, January 12, 2009

A busy, rainy, cold Monday....

The Charleston Bending Brace
I have posted so many beautiful sunrise photos on here....I thought I'd post another kind of morning picture! Today has been rainy and chilly - and is supposed to get even colder later this week. We may have to go cover all the citrus trees and bring the plants inside. I got a lot accomplished today. I am almost finished cleaning out Clay's closet. It has been a challenge, let me tell you! He was supposed to be cleaning his out when Paige was cleaning hers....but just didn't get done. Huh. He brought me two old t-shirts and a pair of pants and said that those were the only things he had outgrown. Yeah, right. So....I filled up two big boxes of things which were obviously too small for him - I didn't even need him to try them on.

I also went through my Christmas decorations and did a bit more purging, and cleaned our laundry room aka the junk room. As in, if you don't know where it goes...put it in the laundry room. It is still not finished, but I certainly made a dent in it!

And finally, I took Paige back to Nemours today to be fitted for her brace. The man who did all the measuring was very nice and very helpful. He explained how it will fit her and what it will do, etc. It is called a Charleston Bending Brace and - keep your fingers crossed - if she wears it properly it might even correct some of the curvature that already exists. I'm sure my little overachiever will do whatever it takes. Anyway, it should be in in about two weeks. She will go in and get it and get instructons and then we will go back in about three weeks for another fitting and x-ray to see if there is any improvement or if they need to "tweak" the brace at all. The picture at the top is what the brace will look like, although Paige's will be light blue.
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