Sunday, January 4, 2009

Memories aka "A blast from the past"!!

Tim and Lisa when we first started dating in 1987

Today has been a fun day! I got online this morning and found a message waiting for me from a flight attendant I worked with years ago at Florida Express Airlines, which is where I met my wonderful husband (see above pic...that is when we first started dating!) We chatted online for a while, then chatted on the phone for a while longer. A bit later I heard from yet another flight attendant from the good old days so did a bit of catching up with her as well! Wow, the memories from that time. Florida Express was a very small airline based in Orlando...we flew old BAC 1-11's...and we were like a family. With only a few exceptions, I have fond memories of everyone I worked with there. We all had a lot of fun! So the past several hours have been spent on..."do you know where so-and-so is now?" etc. and "Did you know that so-and-so is blah, blah, blah...". Emailing old photos back and forth, and just remembering stuff....

In other news....yesterday I had to meet Paige and her dance teacher at the dance store for....yup, another round of sizing, etc. for new pointe shoes. And yes, you remember correctly...I just bought Paige a new pair right before Christmas. I asked her teacher what is up with this...and she explained to me that as Paige gets better and better, her foot gets stronger and more flexible and she needs more - or less - from the shoe. In this case, the Blochs (old pair) actually offer too much support for her. She needs more flexibility in the shoe. So....we ordered a pair of Freeds for her this time....let's hope these work for while! This is getting expensive.

Tim left this morning for a trip to Brussels. The kids and I spent the morning in our pajamas and finally decided to get dressed about 1:00!! It was a nice, last lazy day before the back to school hubbub begins tomorrow.
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