Sunday, January 11, 2009

Paige and Clay

Hi. I am cleaning out my closet. I never knew it was that big! There was a LOT of stuff that was too small for me. I love my new pointe shoes. They are much easier to get over the box and they are so nice and new looking. They are easier to dance in. School is going well. I think (hope) I have straight A's on my report card. I know I am summa cum laude. :) I think report cards are out next week. I am off to finish cleaning my closet now.....

Hi. This is Clay. We have lost yet another soccer game - what a shocker. We had many shots on goal, but didn't capitalize on them. I had to play defense on Friday because there was a fast kid as right wing. I saved our keeper (Brooks) when he missed the ball and it was about to go in when I saved the day. Ta Da! In Tuesday's game I scored!!! It is really frustrating because half the team wants to play and win and the other half doesn't. Half the team can't do everything.

I am going to start training for taekwondo soon. I can't wait. I'd better go do homework now.

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