Friday, January 9, 2009


It has been a busy week, but I think we are fully back on a schedule now - rush, rush, rush....Clay had three soccer games this week (and no, they didn't win any), Paige is back at ballet class and rehearsals, and I am slogging through this house cleaning/organizing/purging. I have cleaned out two closets and Tim has made two trips to Goodwill...which sounds great, except there is still SO much to be done! It seems overwhelming at times, so I have to stop and think about what I have accomplished this week...

* changed all the sheets on the beds
* cleaned all the ceiling fans
* cleaned out 2 closets
* purged a few dvds from our several hundred (it seems)
* made appt. for Paige's brace fitting
* took Clay to the dentist
* had computer guru back out to check my laptop again (!!)
* several loads of laundry
* several trips to grocery store
* lots of nagging of C & P to clean rooms, do homework, etc...
* took load of books to used book store
* finished packing up Christmas dishes
* spoke to realtor

OK, OK...I didn't get everything accomplished that I wanted to...but I did accomplish some things. I guess I'll have to be satisfied with that for now.

Tim left for Amsterdam this morning. He is happy because he hasn't been there in a while and he wants to stock up on those Belgian beers (brewed by monks) that he likes. :) He was a big help to me these past couple of days because he cleaned out the pantry for me and scrubbed the floor - which was absolutely disgusting because my precious angel children are incapable of getting anything into the trash can...their philosophy is "Hey, if it is within 5 feet it's good enough". So you can imagine the state of the floor....but now it is shiny and clean and smells like pine-sol. Tim rocks!!
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