Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Soccer Game....

Well, they lost the game last night. Again. 5-1. However, the good news is that they did score one goal....and guess who scored that goal? Yup, #12 aka Clay Van Kuiken. The truly amazing thing is that I was actually there to see it! Yay Clay!

On another note, what is up with these parents who are just obnoxious and think they are the coach? There was a dad there last night screaming and hollering giving directions from the sidelines, yelling at the refs....just disgusting. Then at halftime he walked out on the field and started schmoozing the refs. During the game (when he wasn't screaming) he was eating pistachios and spitting the shells all over the track. He was just gross.

Anyway, there is another game tonight, keep your fingers crossed that maybe this will be the one they win!
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