Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is a picture of Paige's BFF Reilly doing her hair for her before the event yesterday. Paige did very well....but oh my goodness! Some of those other girls - 12 - 14 years old - were FREAKISHLY good! (as Paige put it....) I think they must be home-schooled and be in the studio 8-10 hours per day. Also, some of the costumes....I don't know...12 year olds in two piece tutus with their stomach's showing? For a classical ballet variation? What were their teacher's thinking...and where were the parents to say, "Um, no...I don't THINK so!!" And there were several in the...revealing...costumes. Young girls! Very sad. And then of course, there was he 14 year old boy, quite a good dancer, wearing what looked like a speedo....who had shaved his legs, chest, under his arms, etc.....????????????? Very interesting......

I wasn't allowed to take pictures or will have to post some later, when they ones I have to purchase arrive! Paige is very excited about the workshops tomorrow with the judges, and to get the evaluations on her dancing.....Today will be spent in supporting the other trainees who are dancing today - including the BFF Reilly!

Also yesterday, I was able to met my former flight attendant friend for lunch. It was wonderful to see him and play catch up!
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