Friday, October 17, 2008

Clay's Comments...

I would like to say....I went on a mountain camping trip with my school last week and it was a LOT of fun. We went overnight camping....we hiked up to a remote camping spot. I woke up to a lake at the foot of my sleeping bag - It was raining! So we had to hike back 1 1/2 hours in the rain. It was fun though. We also went white water rafting - the water was really cold. One of the girls in our group (extremely large) fell out and dragged my friend Matthew with her. We rescued Matthew, but the girl wouldn't cooperate and climbed on a rock and stayed there and started screaming. Eventually, we paddled back upstream and got her. It was extremely funny.

Soccer starts next week - I can't wait.

Taekwondo is also starting - I can't wait. Yay!
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