Friday, October 31, 2008

Eyeballs and severed fingers!!

I started feeling a bit Martha Stewart-y today...I'm not really sure why - maybe it was guilt because I yelled at my kids last night (even though they deserved it!) and maybe it is because it is Halloween and Tim is coming home tonight, but I made a big pot of chicken and noodles, did two loads of laundry - including one which I had to SCRUB at because Clay left a pen in his pocket which bled all over everything, but I did manage to get the ink out! - swept, mopped, went to the store, and made after school snacks of severed fingers and eyeballs for the kids!

The kids were a little iffy about trick or treating this year. I think they really just want the candy! Paige is going to a friend's house to trick or treat with her. She is going to be a little Dutch girl. That's really a stretch, isn't it? I will try to post a picture later tonight. Clay will probably just hit a couple of houses in the neighborhood wearing his regular clothes and a mask. He is much too cool for costumes (??) but mean old mom is making him do something! He and I will probably watch a movie while waiting for Dad to get home.

Tim does get home this evening, but is only home for one day, then back to work for another three day trip on Sunday. Thankfully, he will be home Tuesday evening to watch the election results with me and then is home for a few days (including for Paige's performance next weekend as Snow White).

Nothing special planned for this weekend - Paige has rehearsals (what else is new!) but other than that I think we will just take it easy and relax! I hope you all have a happy, chocolatey halloween!

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