Monday, October 20, 2008, I rushed home from ballet to help Clay apply the "bald" wig and get him to his dance...the stupid wig DID NOT look anything like the picture on the package. It was just this cheap piece of rubber, and we were supposed to apply this latex makeup stuff to blend it in to his face...the latex was gross, and thick and yucky....after about twenty minutes of attempting to get it to work we gave up.....and THIS was his costume!

Anyway, after rushing around, trying to get him "bald" then scrounging around to find the groucho face, we rush out to the car and I drive him to the school - and that little brat copped the teenager "I'm so cool, and my mom is so stupid" attitude as he got out of the car...ooohhh, I am so angry right now! Those who have already been through the teenage years are probably chuckling right about now, but aarrggh!! He expects me to drive back to pick him up at 10:30 - I SHOULD just make the litle bugger walk home (right, like that's gonna happen).

All right, I've vented now. Don't worry, I'll go pick my ungrateful child up at 10:30. But you can bet your last nickel he'll be listening to a lecture the whole way home! Any advice is gratefully welcomed.
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