Monday, October 20, 2008

An update on my crazy day....

Well, my afternoon is looking brighter....Clay finished early with soccer so I have both kids home now eating chili...I will take Paige to ballet at the regular time and leave Clay at home to clean his room. IF he gets it clean, I will take him to the dance a half hour late...sorry, dude - I am not running all over during rush hour to take you to a dance when you couldn't be bothered to clean your room. Ooohhh....aren't I a tough mom?

His costume for the dance....well, he is not really into costumes any more (is it a guy thing?) but we compromised on a "bald" wig...which should be pretty funny (again, assuming he gets his room clean and is allowed to go!) I will try to get a picture on here of "bald" Clay!
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