Thursday, October 23, 2008

What a Cool Day!

What cool day! Tim and I just went for a nice long walk through our neighborhood. It is kind of a blustery day - very windy, and it looks like it is about to rain....I was sitting on our patio watching the waves and the eagles, enjoying the breeze, and just thinking how nice and relaxing it was, and I decided to take a picture...this was my view (including my feet!)...but you will have to imagine the wind and the eagle's cries (you can just see him on our boathouse on the left).

Still nothing exciting to report....I am off to run errands in a bit - looking for new tennis shoes for Clay (that kid is HARD on shoes!!), buy turtle food, and groceries....Tim and I just voted....maybe I'll carve out some more time later today to just go sit and watch the eagles. Clay thinks we need to name them - any suggestions?

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