Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The sunrise picture was taken this morning as we were leaving the house for school. Yikes - imagine how dark it will be next week after the time change. I absolutely HATE getting up while it is still dark. I may have mentioned...I am NOT a morning person!!

The other pictures are of Paige with our cat, Roxy and one of "our" eagles and a coot drying himself. Yesterday was chilly, but beautiful - crisp and sunny. We have a pair of eagles that have a nest near our house. We see them everyday - and they are so fascinating. I have been doing research online...trying to find out what their various calls mean, but haven't had much luck. One of them stays on the boathouse while the other one is "fishing". The one on the boathouse cries and calls to the other one constantly....very different calls. When they are both on the boathouse and I walk out to the dock, one will fly away immediately - the other one will stay there and isn't bothered by me at all. (obviously, that is the one in the pictures). Anyway, they never cease to amaze me - I love "our" eagles!

Poor Tim tried to get home last night between trips - just so he could sleep in his own bed - but the flight was late, so he was forced to get a hotel room in D.C. We miss Daddy! Yesterday was a relatively easy day for me, because Paige didn't have ballet. The next few days will be crazy with both ballet and soccer (that same old problem of having to be two places at one time). To make things even crazier, CSX has closed down the entrance to the kid's school to do maintenance on the RR tracks. We now have to enter and exit the school by the back entrance - which is ONE LANE. Yeah, fun. Now, I wonder why they couldn't have scheduled that for over Thanksgiving or Christmas break?

I did finally order tickets for the productions Paige will be in. Not too bad for Nutcracker, but seriously waiting until the last minute for the Snow White is next weekend! I managed to get fairly good seats though. I can't wait to see her dance. The studio where she takes is for professional dancers and is not geared towards making the parents happy - no viewing windows. The only chance we have to see how our children are progressing is when they perform - and I am always impressed by how much better Paigie has gotten!
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