Friday, October 24, 2008

I heart rainy days

I love rainy long as they don't last too long! It is a rainy, blustery day here and we have the windows's very breezy and cool. Sometimes a rainy day just suits your mood, you know?

I am in the mood for some "comfort food", and so am going to make a big pot of homemade vegetable soup for dinner tonight. Also on the agenda for today: take a long walk, if it stops raining (I love my walks in this cooler weather) and keep hunting for some shoes for Clay. I just refuse to pay $60 for a pair of shoes that he will outgrow in 2 months! I keep looking for a sale, but he is now in a men's size 9 - which is very difficult to find - at least in a "cool" shoe! I am not sure what Tim has planned for today....he usually has his little list of things that MUST get I'm sure he will be puttering away at something.

The kid's report cards came yesterday. Clay's was not as good as we would like - disappointing, but not really surprising. Everyone tells us that this is very typical for 8th grade boys and just to hang in there and he will get his act together. I hope so! Paige had all A's and one B - she made magna cum laude honor roll....Yay Paige! Well, I'd better get to work chopping veggies and get that soup simmering......
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