Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another gratuitous sunrise picture (By the way, I had already been awake for almost two hours when this was taken. Boo.)

What's happening today:
- Tim is heading to Brussels for a 3 day trip.
- Clay has day two of soccer tryouts.
- Paige has dance from 5-8:30.
- Clay doesn't finish w/ soccer until 4:30. Ish.
- Lisa hasn't figured out how to be in two places at the same time.

Also on the agenda for moi: A run to Costco (maybe), laundry, call Clay's school to complain about his English teacher who keeps giving him zeroes for work he has done. AND who yells at him. Apparently this behavior is not confined just to my son. When he told me this my first thought was whether he was being a smart-alec or goofing off, but other parents have told me their child is having the same problems, so.....I'm calling the school. Also, treadmill, sweep and mop the floors because I am tired of feeling grit on my feet. Thankfully, I have done lots of cooking the past couple of days so I won't need to make dinner. Dinner shall be leftover chili or leftover veggie soup. Ta Da!
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