Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's fall, y'all!

I actually took this sunrise photo yesterday - I didn't get one today because...TA DA!! I slept until 8:30!!! PAST the sunrise! It felt wonderful!!! We woke up to crisp, cool, FALL LIKE weather. I think today's high temperature will only be around 69-70.

Tim got home last night. Aaah. He has been gone the past 9 out of 11 days. I am thrilled because he will be here Monday to do the "O-Dark-Thirty" morning shuttle service to high school. :-D

Here are my plans for the weekend, in no particular order:
* open up some windows and get some fresh, fall air in the house
* Make some chili!
* Go to Chamblin's Bookmine (THE most fabulous used bookstore, ever....)
* Office supply store for more printer ink
* Target run - for all the Target type stuff we need
* Help Paige clean out her bookshelves
* Nag Clay until he cleans out the turtle tank. Which was just done about a week ago. Someone caught a couple of fish in the creek and put them in the tank, which has clogged up the filter. Ahem.
* Make more granola. My family LOVES that stuff.
* Bake some cookies with the kids
* Go to the farmer's market tomorrow...

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