Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Friday!

What's New around here:

* Paige got her headgear for the braces...we're very hopeful that she will be much more diligent about wearing it than her brother was!

* Clay HAS been going to weight training and conditioning for soccer. Amazingly enough, he is really enjoying it. (go figure!) He has met some really nice sophomores, and DID know one boy from St. Johns. Huh. Who would have thought that old Mom and Dad actually KNEW what they were talking about!! Hopefully, Clay hasn't shot himself in the foot for actually making the team, since he didn't show up for 3 weeks!

* The "mom-mobile" is home and the brakes are fixed! Hooray!

* Chloe is feeling much better, and I am very relieved! The antibiotics appear to be working. Unfortunately, since she is feeling so much better, it is much more of a battle to get them down the little stinker's throat!!

* I made another big batch of granola yesterday - my family loves that stuff!

* Paige is going to her first school dance tonight - the Homecoming Dance. She is NOT going with a boy - she is meeting friends there...

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