Monday, October 5, 2009

We had a wonderful, quiet weekend....Paige had her school dance on Friday and a Nutcracker rehearsal yesterday afternoon - but other than that, we really didn't do much of anything. A bit of cleaning, some yard work, some laundry...

Saturday night we had family movie night again - for some reason, that seems to have fallen by the wayside lately. We reinstated it with Pay It Forward with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. It was a sweet movie, quite good - but none of us were expecting the sad ending and we all shed a few tears at the end!

So...that was our it is Monday and the kids are off to school. Tim will be running around doing all the back to work stuff today (dry cleaners, etc.) and my plans for today are to sit down with the phone and the calendar and schedule doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, etc. which I have been putting off for a couple of weeks, then a bit of light cleaning, some laundry, a run to the grocery store....the usual.
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