Friday, October 23, 2009

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I know I have mentioned before the many, many problems we were having with Paige's school. She has been very bored - she has done most of the work before, so it was like a review for her. We found the homework assignments to be remedial - stuff she did in ELEMENTARY school. We knew that it just wasn't working. We also knew that we would not be able to send her to the private school she used to attend, so we have been researching other options. We have decided to homeschool her. I know!! I can't believe it either!! BUT - we have found a distance learning program through the Calvert School. Paige will use their curriculum, we will follow their lesson plans, we send the tests to THEM to be graded, and they will maintain transcripts for her. Their curriculum is secular, and seems to be similar to what she did last year at St. Johns. Yesterday was Paige's last day at Lakeside Junior High, and her materials arrived yesterday.
Her new textbooks and workbooks....
Lesson one in the lesson manual.

Wish me luck!

By the way - Tim and I have been leaning towards doing this for a while. We are NOT homeschooling for religious reasons. We are doing this strictly for academic reasons. This is not a rash decision we are making. A lot of thought and research has gone into this decision. If there were another option, we would be taking it. There isn't. Those of you who live up north with good school systems have no idea how bad Florida's schools can be!! Trust us on this. There is no comparison. Having said that, I have to say that we are pleased, so far, with Clay's high school. He is in all honors classes (and one AP class) and HE seems to be challenged. Socialization? Hmm....well, Paige takes dance twice a week, is on a dance team, takes taekwondo, takes tennis, and is involved with the church youth group. She'll be fine.

Now that I have gotten all of the defensive arguments out of the way...Paige and I are both looking forward to this. She is SO READY to learn!! I am looking forward to being able to spend more time with her. We are both hoping that she and her grandmother will be able to take an art class together once a week. And really? I don't think I can do worse than what she has been getting....
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