Friday, October 9, 2009


Hi. I am getting ready for school right now. It's TGIF!! Hooray! School is easy. I took all the same classes last year, plus they spend SO MUCH time on stuff. In Science we spent the ENTIRE class period talking about melanin (pigment in skin) and kids started talking about how they got sunburned and stuff as an example of melanin - that has nothing to do with melanin! It was driving me crazy. In English we are talking about chronological order. Half the kids don't even know what it means. We have been doing this for OVER A WEEK!! Booorrriiinnggg. In Geography we have to do vocabulary 4 square - where we give the definition, use it in a sentence, draw a picture of it, and then give the antonym. :(( This is what I did in 3rd GRADE!!! Seriously. So school is pretty easy, but REALLY boring too.

It's 8:52 now so I have to go.

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