Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What happened?!?!

Today I am reminiscing....remembering how sweet and polite my precious boy used to be. Oh, he is still sweet....and he can turn on the Eddie Haskell act when he needs to - but these days my little angel has turned into...
a real smart-alec. No matter who is talking, or what is being said, he ALWAYS has a snappy comeback. Well, not always to everyone else. But in HIS mind, he is the King of the Quips. Quite frankly, it is driving Tim and I crazy! And, apparently, it is driving Paige crazy as well. Lots of bickering among the darling little angels since puberty hit. It is so odd, because the kids have always been best friends - occasional squabbles - but nothing like this! It's as if they hate each other!

So, today I am reminiscing about when the kids were small, and sweet and kind and respectful! Sigh. I miss those days. But this is just a stage. It will pass, right? Right?!
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