Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday stuff....

Tim suggested that Paige and I plan to have a "girl's day" every Friday - as both incentive and reward for Paige.  Hmm....and me too!!  So today Paige worked from 8:30 until 11:00, and then the girls headed to St. John's Town Center for lunch at  P. F. Chang's, and a visit to Target, and then to Costco.

We had a lot of fun talking and giggling - and the boys enjoyed our leftovers when we got home!

I am so excited about the time change this weekend.  The photo below is what it looks like when I we drive Clay to school in the mornings at "O-dark-thirty"....I am hoping that the sun will at least be thinking about making an appearance when we leave in the mornings next week! It will make it so much easier to get going.  For everyone.

And, finally...the photo du jour of Gus.  It is so funny how babies can just drop off at the drop of a hat.  Deep Sleep!  I tried to get a photo earlier when I found him in an interesting sleep position, but naturally he woke up as soon as I turned the camera on.  Apparently, he was busy licking, um....himself...ahem....with his leg cocked over the top of his head when he lulled himself to sleep.  There he was - sound asleep, head between his  __________ rear leg cocked over his get the picture.  What a funny boy!

Tonight is "family night"....we are having grilled halibut for dinner, and then we are going to watch Transformers en famille.
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