Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sushi aka piggy

Does anyone remember my cat, Obi? He was the gorgeous, Maine Coon mix....very large? 24 lbs, large. Obi loved to eat. When he was younger, and we tried to limit his food intake (on the advice of the veterinarian) he would wrap his front paws around your ankle and hang on - as you dragged your ankle, and the 24 lb. cat, around...trying to shake him off. Sushi. Better known around our house as "the pig" seems that Miss Sushi also has a bit of an eating disorder. Paige weighed her yesterday, and she already weighs over 9 lbs. She is only 7 months old!! Chloe, who is 2 1/2, only weighs 7 lbs!! This cat can always be found near the food bowls. When we put the food away (in a pathetic attempt to curtail the buffet for the chubby feline!) she hangs around where the food should be. Then she will start following you around, meowing and being obnoxious. She hasn't started hanging on to our ankles. Yet. The other night we had salmon burgers and sweet potato fries...she started her "I am SO hungry! I am starving!!" routine, so I tossed her a sweet potato fry. And she ate it. Last night she went into the "You're so cruel not to feed me!" routine while I was making a salad, so I tossed her a piece of cucumber. She ate that too. I have come to the conclusion that this cat will eat anything that is not nailed down!
Look at that tummy!!!
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