Thursday, October 15, 2009


Meow. Rumble, rumble. Do you hear that? THAT is my stomach growling. Again. These people NEVER feed me. OK, ok, they give me a teeny, tiny, miniscule amount of food a couple of times a day - but, c'mon. Who can survive on that amount of food? And speaking of food - WHAT THE HELL are they feeding me? It tastes like cardboard (and yes, I DO know what cardboard tastes like. Haven't YOU ever attacked a cardboard box?) Low fat. Blech.

Sigh. Other than the starvation rations they have me on, I guess this place is OK. The girl person is nice. She is always kissing me and telling me how beautiful I am - who wouldn't enjoy that?? The other feline who lives here is pretty pathetic though. No claws. Seriously. Can you believe it? What a wimp. Whenever I try to play, she goes running to her "mama" whining and crying. Then they yell at me. Plus, I keep finding that other wimpy cat trying to EAT MY FOOD! Give me a break - I only get about 10 little pieces a day, I am SO not sharing!

I'm going to go see if I can make the other cat cry again. Or maybe find some food.
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