Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Better late than never

Ten things on Tuesday:

1.  I had a miserable, evil, life-sucking migraine today.

2.  As a result of this evil migraine, nothing much was accomplished.  The Princess missed dance, The Boy missed Taekwondo, and the pantry is still depleted.  I am feeling slightly better this evening after the medication finally kicked in.  Hooray for Imitrex.

3.  The Princess did make it to the orthodontist this morning.  She had a fabulous checkup, and was told that the tin grin...
...is almost a thing of the past.

She gets the braces off right after Thanksgiving!

4.  The Princess also saved the day for her brother - she found his wallet for him.  She also bargained (like the little Dutch girl she is) and talked him into emptying the litterbox for her for the rest of the week as payment for her performing this vital and important community service.  Yay Paige!

5.  Because of the aforementioned evil migraine, the kids enjoyed a gourmet meal of Dominoes pizza for dinner this evening.  

6.  Because of the aforementioned Imitrex, I feel like a rag doll whose head has been stuffed with cotton.

7.  Because I feel as though my head has been stuffed with cotton, I am finding it difficult to find 10 things to say.

8.  Before the evil migraine attacked me and beat me up, I tried to pop into TJ Maxx for a few things we needed.  Have you ever noticed how many foreign people shop in that store?  I try to be understanding about them jabbering away in another language, because I know that I only speak English and I'm sure it annoys the people in France or Holland when I visit their countries.  I mean I'm sure they are thinking, "Hey bimbo!  You're in France - speak the language!"  So...you know, I DO try to be understanding.  But the thing is, when I am in another country I don't walk through the store SHOUTING into my cell phone.   

9.  Granted, the evil migraine was trying to sneak up on me and attack me (and stab me with an icepick behind my left eye), and so I was slightly sensitive to loud noises.  But...I kid you not....this woman walked through the entire store SHOUTING jibber-jabber into her cell phone.  It was extremely annoying.  I think she may have been a secret agent of the evil migraine trying to destroy my mind.

10.  She succeeded.  That was the point where I gave up, cried "uncle", and came home and curled up into a fetal ball and cried....

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