Friday, November 12, 2010

The heredity of superpowers, and have you met our son? Eddie Haskell?

The other day I talked about my amazing superpowers in this post, and I was gratified to learn from so many of you that most mothers (and certainly ALL mothers of teenagers) possess these same super abilities.

Today I am pleased to let you all know that these superpowers also appear to be hereditary!

I know!!

Let me explain.

This morning The Princess went rummaging around looking for something to eat for breakfast.
She found a package of frozen pancakes in the freezer, and pulled them out...

Only to discover that only her super-eyes were able to detect that the package was, in fact, empty.

Apparently, her brother's ordinary, male, teenage eyes saw the package as still containing pancakes since he returned the (empty) package to the freezer.

As might be expected when first discovering one's superpowers, The Princess was quite miffed.  She grumbled and carried on in a most un-princess like manner.  It is a rude awakening to discover how these superpowers can wreak havoc in one's life.

I, of course, was most sympathetic as I told her, "Welcome to MY life, kid!"


In other, completely un-superpower related news, yesterday was a wonderful, mellow, relaxing day off.  I do think it is odd to give the kids one day off in the middle of the week, rather than make it a four day weekend as many other schools did, but still....

We all slept late and had a lazy morning.  I made Panzanella for lunch and it was devoured immediately (my family LOVES this salad)...
I wanted to get a picture of it when I first made it, because it was truly a vision of beauty - the crisp green of the cucumbers, the white of the feta cheese, the vivid red of the luscious tomatoes....but I wasn't fast enough, and by the time I had my camera in hand this was all that was left!

The Boy had a friend over to fish.  Which is another story in itself of a teenage boy trying to circumvent being grounded and completely annoying his parents with his Eddie Haskell-like behavior...but I'll save that story for another day.

C and his friend went tromping back in the bushes (poison ivy?) by the creek catching bait fish...
Which, if I may just point out, is ALSO against the rules.  Because in addition to poison ivy, there are snakes back there.  Poisonous snakes.

But of course, teenage boys think that they are much smarter than their parents and do not listen to them anyway, so I will wait until he is whining miserably about the poison ivy in a few days and then I will say in my most nurturing and sympathetic voice, "I TOLD YOU SO!!"

Yes, I know.  He IS lucky to have me for a mom, isn't he?

The Princess actually posed for me as she gave old Roxy some attention...

And then...

I glanced over at our lemon tree and I saw this.

I harvested the first lemon off the tree!

It was a good day.

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