Sunday, November 28, 2010

'Tis the season....

Yesterday the kids and I put up Christmas decorations - no tree yet, but almost everything else is up.  I also ordered our Christmas cards and pulled all of the Christmas CDs out...It's starting to look (and sound) a lot like Christmas...

But I'm not ready!

This week I am going to try to get organized.  The Princess gets her braces off in the morning (and trust me, she is counting the hours until 10 AM!)  Next weekend also begins the Nutcracker takeover of our lives.  She will begin rehearsals both weekend days until the performances the weekend of December 17, 18 and 19th.

(For ticket information, click here)

Added to her regular ballet classes, this means we will be driving P downtown 6 days per week...45 minutes each way.


Anyway, the point is that I'm am getting a little bit flustered thinking about everything that I still have to do before Christmas!  

Shopping, cleaning, decorating, baking, the usual crazy-making activities!  

It's enough to make a mom crazy.

I'm going to go put Josh Grobin on the CD player, light my Christmas candle and hope for some inspiration.....

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