Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random much?

It's a beautiful morning.

The "kids" were all hanging out reading the paper and relaxing this morning...
The girls, Sophie and Lucy, are getting along like they've been BFF's forever.  Yesterday, Mr. Wonderful went to let Sophie out (because she was hovering by the front door like she needed to go out) and she just stood there.  Finally, Lucy sauntered over and the girls went tearing outside.

Mr. Wonderful just shook his head and made a comment about how they are allowed to go out by themselves and they don't really NEED to have company.

Then he started laughing and said, "What am I saying?  They're girls.  Of course going to the bathroom is a team sport!"

The Princess read the comics, while Gus watched...
as C hid from the paparazzi and cuddled with the dogs.

While C bonded with Lucy...
P bonded with Jack...

There was a lot of lovin' going on this morning...
But then the dogs decided it was time for their breakfast, the boy decided it was time to read the sports section, the cats decided it was naptime, P decided to finish reading the comics, and I decided it was time to wash the gray outta my hair.  

Today, I am still on strike.  Sorta.

We will eat leftovers.  

I will take Princess Twinkletoes to Nutcracker rehearsal, then I will take the crazy teenagers to youth group and while they are there I will take a bubble bath and enjoy my solitude.

Then I will have to pick the crazy teenagers up from the church, and my solitude will end.

That's OK.

They're crazy teenagers, but they're MY crazy teenagers.

**I have decided to post all of my lemon recipes on the MDSA facebook page if anyone is interested in trying them out.  If I post them, then I have made the recipe and eaten it and it was a hit with the family. I won't post hard or complicated recipes, or any "duds!"  Today's recipes: Pasta al Limone, Lemon Chicken, and Grilled Lemon Salmon.

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