Monday, November 29, 2010

Fa la la la la.....and don't call me Shirley. (Updated)

Yesterday was decorating day.

I admit that I wasn't the jolliest ol' elf yesterday about putting the tree and all of the decorations up.  I kept thinking that I would just be packing everything back up in another month.  And while I can sometimes get the kids to help me decorate before Christmas (FYI: bribery works - more about that later), no one is EVER available to help with packing it all away after Christmas.  That is definitely a "mommy job."

I did convince the eldest child to put up the tree for me yesterday while his sister was at Nutcracker rehearsal...and he even decorated most of it for me too! Apparently, he was so overcome by the Christmas spirit that he decided to do a little "decorating" of his own...

I'm not certain how enamored Lucy is with the Santa hat, but she is a good sport!

To get the boy to do this, however, I had to promise to make this...

When Mr. Wonderful and The Princess arrived home from Nutcracker rehearsal, they found the house all decorated (with a few ornaments set aside for The Princess)...

We had a lovely dinner of "Mom's ultimate hamburgers" and lemon-cream cheese-cake for dessert.  Afterwards, in my own humble way, I informed my satiated children of just how lucky they were to have me for a mother.

My son made a sarcastic retort about how possibly Martha Stewart might have been a better mother (because apparently his deluded teenage brain thinks it is possible that she is a better cook than moi.  Ha!)

And then...

Then my daughter, my sweet little angel...the light of my life....THREW ME TO THE WOLVES!

She said, "I don't know...doesn't she keep her house all clean and tidy all the time?"


I told her to open her mouth as wide as possible and gently remove her foot.

And then I pouted.

OK, not really...I laughed.

It was either laugh or cry.
I will be back later today posting pictures....because the PRINCESS gets her braces off today!

This post is dedicated to actor Leslie Nielson, who passed away yesterday at age 84.  Thanks for the laughs, Mr. Nielson!

Update #1:

The Princess got her braces off this morning.

She says that her teeth feel "slimy" now.

She also can't stop smiling!

Update # 2:

Mr. Wonderful walked into a door last night.

No, really - he walked into a door!

Poor Mr. Wonderful.

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