Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today, thus far


*I slept until 8:30 (delightful!) and awoke to the sunlight streaming through the windows and the sound of the eagles calling to each other out on the lake...

* I leisurely sipped my coffee and read the paper...

* I went to the grocery store, and wondered why I never remember to stock up before the weekend.

*  I zested and juiced more lemons from our abundantly laden tree, and mixed up a marinade for the salmon which we will have for dinner tonight and another for the chicken which I will cook this afternoon to have on hand for rushed mealtimes during the upcoming week.   

*  I released my inner Mommie Dearest when the teenage boy decided to try sarcasm on me when I asked if he had done his chores.  He responded with more sarcasm and an annoying teenage attitude, and Mommie Dearest yelled and said some bad words.  The teenage boy is now being extremely apologetic and well behaved.  Mommie Dearest also tossed his clean sheets at him and told him that from now on he could fold his own *$(# laundry.  He told me that he didn't know how to fold sheets, and I told him that he'd better figure it out.  He did.

*  Mommie Dearest has decided she is going on strike, other than cooking. 

*  The strike will begin as soon as I finish these two loads of laundry.

*  And as soon as I vacuum the living room rug.

*  I wonder if maybe I should clean the house first, and THEN go on strike.  Because I don't like living in a messy house, and I am afraid that nothing will ever get done if I go on strike.

*  Perhaps I'll ditch the strike idea and just make the annoying teenage child and his selfish, annoying teenage attitude grovel and plead for my forgiveness.

*  I wonder how anyone ever survives raising teenagers without falling into complete and utter despair and melancholy?

*  It is 3:53 pm, and other than the two loads of laundry and making dinner, and vacuuming...I'm done.  I am on strike.  Other than those things, I am going to read my book and take a bubble bath and have a glass of wine.  Other than those things, everyone can just fend for themselves!  Elvis has left the building.

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