Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh, happy day

So far, today has been heavenly.  I slept late and awoke feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated.  I've spent the morning lazing around in my pajamas with warm, fuzzy socks on my feet because it is COLD here!
I puttered around the house in my pajamas, sipping coffee and reading the paper, before finally taking a shower around noon.  

And now I am puttering around the house in my comfy sweats.  I have absolutely nothing to do today, other than deciding whether to make chili, soup, or chicken-n-dumplings for dinner.  

Mr. Wonderful brought me a present from Amsterdam...Dream Cream!
I am addicted to this stuff.  I discovered the Lush store several years ago on a trip to London, and have been addicted to this cream ever since.  Mr. Wonderful remembered my mentioning that I was almost out, and trudged through the rain and cold in Amsterdam to find the nearest Lush store and get me some. 

This is why he is Mr. Wonderful.

I am a blissful, dream-cream-scented, sweats-wearing, mellow mama today!

The whole family is taking the day off, and relaxing.  Mr. Wonderful has been engrossed in his book...
The kids are listening to their ipods and reading, and I am wallowing in the luxury of having absolutely nothing to do and playing on facebook.

Tonight we will will have Family Movie Night (Toy Story 3) and we get an extra hour of sleep!

I am happy, and relaxed and content.  I wish every day could be like this...but I suppose it takes all the hectic, crazy busy days to make me appreciate quiet, lowkey days at home with the family...just hanging out and doing nothing.

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend as much as we are.

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