Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ten things on Tuesday

1.  The Princess can't stop smiling since she got her braces off yesterday.  She also appears to be incapable of walking past a mirror without checking out her new, sparkly smile.
2.  She gets her retainer on Friday.  It is, she tells me, pink with neon polka dots.

3.  I don't even know what to say about the pink with neon polka dots retainer, but I will be sure to post a photo of it!

4.  Jack, our humongous black kitty, is only 10 months old and this is his first Christmas.  He is fascinated with the tree and the ornaments, and I consider it a miracle that he hasn't knocked it all down yet.  The Boy is having fun with the super-soaker, trying to discourage Jack from attacking the tree.  So far, it is not working.  Jack is absolutely enchanted with the tree and thinks we put it up as a special toy just for him!

5.  Actually, both cats are enthralled with every aspect of Christmas.  They are especially enamored of the little Christmas doormats, which they consider their very own special napping spots.

6.  Christmas is coming early to the VK house, thanks to my mom.  She is getting a new refrigerator and is giving us her old one, which is only a few years old.  This is fantastic, because our refrigerator is 18 years old and decrepit and ornery and has rust spots all over the front of it.  We really, really need a new one, so I am thrilled!  

7.  I spent most of the morning yesterday calling around trying to get someone to pick it up and deliver it.  I also worked on The Princess's application for next year's school (high school) which I have been sadly neglecting.  

8.  In addition to the phone calls and the application, I spent yesterday sweeping and mopping the house, doing laundry, looking at new pointe shoes with the Princess, grocery shopping, book shopping, driving The Princess to dance, nagging The Boy about homework, and making arrangements for the Salvation Army to pick up the old, rusty refrigerator.

9.  In other words, yesterday was just a typical day!

10.  And finally, a big thank you to the Schaefer clan for taking care of the house and critters for us last week.  They welcomed Lucy into their home and coddled and pampered her, plus they took care of the mail, the newspaper, and all of the other critters for us.  THANK YOU!!

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