Wednesday, April 21, 2010

At least it wasn't a car

My son complains that I always say "bad stuff" about him on the blog, and never write about Paige.  Honestly, I don't mean to.  I'm an equal opportunity complainer  blogger.  The problem is that Clay is always providing blog material, and Paige stays under the radar.  

For example, if PAIGE had been too lazy to walk the trash cans to the end of the driveway, and was using the lawnmower to pull the trashcans, and then her foot had slipped off the brake and she had rammed the lawnmower (at full speed) up the steps and into the front door, I would be blogging about HER.  But she didn't.  Clay did.
When I ran outside to see what the big bang and crashing sound was, I found my boy trying to put the storm door back together (a lost cause) and saying a bad word under his breath.  I didn't mention the bad word, as I thought it was quite apropos. 

The big gouges taken out of our cement front steps.  Which we just had poured 2 years ago.  

Please understand, my purpose in writing about this is NOT to embarrass my son.  It is because i think that this is a memorable event which should be preserved so that the family can remember it and refer back to it at opportune certain times.  For instance, when he gets his driver's license (which, by the way, has just been pushed back several months!!!!).

You know how they have done all these studies about how teenage brains are not fully formed, etc. etc.?  

Yeah.  No kidding.

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