Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Lord - I've heard about this - cat juggling!

I have allergies.  I also have cats, and a dog.  What this means is that our pets get baths fairly often, so that we can all co-exist happily in the same home.  They all got their baths today.  Lucy, the dog, is easy - she loves water.  Gus, the older kitten, is also fairly easy.  He doesn't exactly like it...but he is pretty mellow and tolerates it.  The little kitty, the one we just found out is a boy kitty and not a girl kitty and hence has no name...not so much.  The little bundle of black and white joy has four paws full of needle sharp claws and a mouthful of teeth.  And he's not afraid to use them (as evidenced by yesterday's vet visit where it took FOUR adults to hold him down in order to draw blood).  Now, mostly he is a sweet, purring little kitten.  But when the spirit moves him, he acts like he is possessed by a devil and he gets those claws moving and starts trying to bite anything within reach and HE.  IS.  SCARY.  Yes, this teeny, tiny, cute little kitten 
turns into a monster kitty.

The bath went OK.  Not great, but OK.  Then I tried to comb him.  The little monster was squirming in every direction trying his hardest to rip me to shreds, or at the very least to inflict bodily harm with his teeth.  I was snarling right back, glaring at him, and telling him that I "fricking DARED him to try to bite ME again!" (in other words I was getting pretty sick of the little darling's shenanigans).  To make a long story short, he accepted my dare.  He got me.  A big scratch on my arm that hurt!  I had to put a band-aid on it and everything.  

After doctoring myself up, the little monster curled up in a little ball and proceeded to PURR!  The nerve!  

Paige came in and started petting the little monster and mentioned that we really need to find a BOY name for him now that we know he is a boy.  I said that I thought I was just going to copy the guy in this movie

and call him "Shithead."

I glared at the little monster and shouted, "HEY SHITHEAD!"

Whereupon I heard a sweet little voice from the other room where my son was doing his homework.

"Yes ma'am?"

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