Friday, April 30, 2010

I must be dreaming

I don't usually remember my dreams - oh, I know I have weird dreams occasionally.  I know that sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night and think, "THAT was a weird dream."  But then I fall back asleep, and in the morning I usually don't remember a thing.

Not the dream I had last night...I still remember most of it, and it was WEIRD, and it is still creeping me out a bit!

As with all dreams, it doesn't really make much sense.  What I remember of it is that in my dream I woke up one morning and went into the kitchen.  Except my dream house wasn't anything like my real house.  I had to go upstairs to get to the kitchen. (so was my bedroom in a basement??) Anyway, in my dream I got out of bed and started to walk to the stairs and I saw a bunch of ladybugs.  The ladybugs were all lined up in a row, marching along to somewhere.  In my dream, I stopped and looked at them and thought how sweet it was (but DIDN'T think it was strange that they were inside my house!)

I began to walk up the stairs and I saw something out of the corner of my eye - ewwww, it was a spider!  No, wait, there are two or three of them - and they're big!  I then realized that there was a huge, thick spiderweb  (do tarantulas even make webs?) all along the staircase.  I ducked underneath it and started running up the stairs, at which point I saw something out of the corner of my eye again.  I looked, and this time it was two HUGE hairy, red tarantulas and they were following me!  

Of course, since this was a dream, it all seemed to take a really long time - but eventually I did make it safely into the kitchen.  I started screaming for Tim, and he came running (again, I don't know where he was running from - it's a dream, remember?) and I hysterically (yes, even in the dream I was hysterical) began telling him there were humongous spiders in the stairwell and DO SOMETHING!!  I remember that he looked at them and said, "Gross."  and then HE WALKED AWAY!

Then the dream ended.

I have to tell you that, while I don't LIKE spiders, I've never had a phobia about them or anything like that.  So, what do you think that dream means?  Is it a premonition that we are about to become infested and overrun with huge, hairy, gross spiders?  Does it mean I need to clean the house?  Maybe it means we should close all the doors and turn on the a/c?  (It is supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow, so that is happening anyway!)  

The other thing I have to tell you is that I am just a little bit annoyed with Tim today.  Because, he WALKED AWAY!  Oh sure, it was a dream - blah, blah, blah - but still.  I'm a little bit ticked off.  This has happened before.  There have been a few occasions when I remember dreaming about him kissing another girl, or cheating on me.  Oh, only in my dream of course - but I remember those dreams!!  And when I wake up from those - he is in some serious hot water.  Poor Tim, he is always a bit confused as to why I am mad at him.  I will tell him, "YOU know why - you were kissing that bimbo in my dream!"  and the poor man will act all innocent and say, "But it was a dream!"  Either that or he will really try to score some points with me and say, "Really?  Was she cute?" Hmmph.  Whatever.  I know that being peeved with him might be just the teeniest little bit illogical.  I know that.  But.....

So, anyway, I'm just a bit annoyed with him this morning - because, even if it was only a dream - he should have come to my rescue from those big, old, mean, hairy, scary spiders.  


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