Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good grief, it's HOT!

The kids and I spent yesterday morning planting flowers and spreading mulch, and IT WAS HOT!!  Not warm, but downright HOT!  The forecast was for 84 degrees, and as we were sweating and sweating yesterday I thought it HAD to be 90 degrees out there!  Whew!  We went from winter to summer without much of a spring this year.  Crazy!

We were all feeling so miserable, that we spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool, which Lucy thoroughly enjoyed...
Clay threw the ball for Lucy....
Paige relaxed.
I watched.  What, you didn't think I got in that cold water, did you?  Uh uh, not me.  Not for another few weeks when it is warmer!  I was cooled off every time the dog got out of the water and shook all over me.  Brrrrrrr.
Lucy leaps into the water after her ball!
Clay racing Lucy for the ball.  She doesn't like it when he does that.  Not fair!!  It's HER ball!  Meanie!!
Ha!  Got it!
Wanna throw it again?  Huh?  Huh?  Please??
Clay and Paige racing.

Later that day, when I was returning from taking Clay to Taekwondo, I passed a bank that had the temperature reading on the sign.  At 7:10 pm it was 93 degrees!!

I knew it!

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