Monday, April 19, 2010

Superfund site cleanup begins, after bitter negotiations

April 19, 2010
Dinner at the Van Kuiken's

Paige:  "Clay, I'll clean your room and bathroom - all for $30.00"

Clay:  "How about $25?"

Paige:  "$30.00.  It's a good deal."

Clay:  "What do you want the money for, anyway?"

Paige:  "Computer.  Yes or no?"

Paige gives Clay her best Gordon Gecko, hard-nosed negotiator look

Clay:  "$27"

Paige:  "$30!!"

Clay:  "$28?"

Paige:  "Why not add only $2.00 more and go $30...that's my price."

Clay:  "I'd also like to point out that it will probably be summer before I have all the money to pay you, and WHO will be taking care of the boat and taking you and your little friends out tubing??"

Clay tries HIS Gordon Gecko look out.

Paige:  "$30.00.  Yes or no?"

Mom!  I'm NOT posing for your blog!! This is business!

Paige:  "Your room is disgusting.  OH...let's get pictures of how disgusting it is for the blog!!"

Yeah, I don't think it's THAT bad....

Paige:  "Oh this is disgusting!!  The price just went up to $50!!"

Clay:  "What?  That's highway robbery!  You said $30!"

Lucy:  "Ruff!  Ruff!!  Bark!! Bark!!  Ruff!  RUFF!!!!"

Paige:  "Fine!  I'll do it for $30.  Sign here...(contract)"

Clay:  "Fine, For $25.00!"


Clay:  "OK.  OK.  But you'd better clean the bathroom too.  And clean the mirrors.  And get under the beds...."

Paige:  "Oh, don't worry.  I'll even get the box of crackers under the counter in your bathroom.  I don't want to get roaches."

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