Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Wonderings

 *  Waking up before the sunrise stinks.  Seeing the sunrise (and a cup of coffee) make it worth it!

*  The tides have been really low lately....

* It's chilly out there this morning!  See the steam rising from the water?

* I was able to make the kids very happy last night by making this for dinner.  I guess I haven't made it in a while, and they were happy to see it on the table!

* Isn't it nice that something so little can make someone SO happy?

* I haven't watched much TV all year (no particular reason - just got out of the habit, and have been reading a lot) so when everyone is talking about DWTS, or American Idol, Lost, Glee, etc. I am clueless.  Once Boston Legal went off the air, I think I just gave up!

* Paige's Coppelia rehearsal for Saturday has been canceled, and an extra one thrown in this afternoon - from 5-6 p.m.  I am NOT looking forward to spending all afternoon across town and then driving home in rush hour traffic.  

* I wonder if the kids will ever appreciate all the things I/we do for them?? I wonder if they think I ENJOY being in the car all the time driving them hither and yon?

* I have been trying to make plans for summer.  Both kids want to go to camp, Paige wants to do a summer ballet intensive (or two), Clay will be going to Nationals, Paige wants to do tennis camp again....ugh.  I just want to sleep late every day and do nothing.  

* I wonder why Gus and Jack (previously known as Scout) feel the need to careen around the house like possessed felines every morning at 6:00?

     (Side Note:  Tim named him Jack...after the character Jack Torrance in The Shining.  Don't ask!)

* I wonder how I have managed to avoid hitting them when they begin careening around the house, wrestling and knocking things over and I start yelling and throwing things at them?

* I wonder how everyone else is able to continue sleeping while I am growling and cursing and throwing things at the aforementioned crazy cats whose sole purpose in life appears to be to MAKE ME CRAZY!!

* I wonder why after running and leaping and cartwheeling through the house dodging flying paperbacks and shoes, they feel compelled to jump up on the bed (where I have finally drifted off once again) to cuddle and purr with me?  

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