Saturday, April 17, 2010


This is my 467th post.  Wow.  As usual, I have no real idea what I will say today.  People always ask me how I find something to talk about day after day, and I can only say that sometimes I sit down at my laptop and it just flows...and sometimes there's just nothing!  

Yesterday was a whirlwind.  I started the day at the usual "O-dark-thirty" with only a couple of hours of sleep.  It was just one of those nights where I tossed and turned and couldn't ever really get to sleep.  So I was grouchy.  Very grouchy.  I felt a bit better after a couple several cups of coffee...

First, I had to take Paige to her very first rehearsal for Coppelia - this one for her Harlequin doll dance, and then she had her regular Ballet class.  She is really enjoying her classes, and she loves this dance.  Cute costume, and lots of jumping.  While she was in class, I ran to Target to get some travel containers of shampoo, toothpaste, etc. for Clay's retreat weekend, got myself some makeup, and ran a couple of other errands, and then rushed back to pick Paige up.  We got stuck in a bit of a traffic mess on the way home so I was feeling flustered and rushed, which I hate!!

We got home to find that Clay hadn't done anything that I asked him to do which, of course, I took in stride sent me right over the edge!!  I summoned my inner "Mommie Dearest", yelled, screamed, threatened, etc....and he began to rush around doing his chores whist I rushed around packing.  We then rushed (are you sensing a theme of the day here?) to the church to meet the rest of the Happening candidates.

(Side Note:  "Happening" is a retreat weekend for high school age teenagers.  It is held at the Diocesan camp, Camp Weed, in Live Oak, Florida.  The "candidates" are the ones going for the first time, and they have to be sponsored by someone who has been before.  It is, apparently, a very intense and life-changing experience for the teens and Clay has been looking forward to going.  His friend, Kevin Whitelaw had been last year and told Clay that it changed his life.  His mother is going as a candidate this year (even though it is usually just for teens) so that she can experience what Kevin did.)

Tim and I were told to write letters to Clay, and to get other family members and friends who have known Clay for a long time to write letters as well.  We were told that the letters should go for emotional impact.  Actually, I was told that it would be good if they could make him cry!!  I did my best, but I guess I'll have to wait and see if I was successful!
The Happening candidates and Father Kurt
"Mom.  Enough pictures.  Stop! You're embarrassing me...."
"Really, Mom??  Really - enough pictures!!"

So, Clay is off - and I will see him on Sunday when I drive over to Camp Weed for the final chapel service.  After dropping Clay off, Paige and I got home only to find that we were out of milk, bread, cereal, etc.  We decided to go out to dinner with "Ging Ging" (my mom) and have a girl's night before getting groceries and (finally) calling it a day.

Paige was upset that I took this photo, because her hair was still in a bun from Ballet, and she thought it would look like she didn't have any hair!

We ate at Kan-Ki, a Japanese steak house - Fun!!

The koi looked like they were Paige fed them.

We then ran to Publix, took Ging Ging home, and got back home around 8:00.

Today, Paige has another rehearsal for Coppelia, and we are just going to do some work around the house and Paige will study for a test.

Tim's trip was cancelled because of the ash cloud, and he had to sit reserve but he will be able to be here to drive over to Camp Weed with me to pick up Clay.  We are both very happy about that! And Clay will be very surprised to see both of us, but especially Tim!

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