Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm confused!

The other day I was driving home and stopped to get the mail.  Our across-the-street neighbor was waving at me, so I rolled down the window.  He asked me if I was the "new neighbor".  After a moment of confusion, I realized that our house HAD been for sale and when we took it off the market and took the sign down, he must have thought that the house sold.  And so, even though I am driving the same minivan I have driven for the past 5 years, and even though we have lived in this house for 9 years, apparently he didn't recognize me.  Or my van.  I explained that no, it was still us and that we had taken the house off the market since things were so slow.  He nodded, and then said, "Oh, OK...if you ever need anything you just come ask, OK?"  

At this point I figured it wasn't worth explaining again that it's still us living here.  The same people who have lived here for the past 9 years!  So I just smiled said, "OK, same for you - if you ever need anything, just ask!".  As I started to drive off he began explaining that they own the dock next to us (which, again, I pretty much already knew since we've lived here for 9 years!!)  I just gave him a big old grin, nodded, and got the heck out of there! 

I should explain that the neighbor is an older gentleman.  A couple of years ago, after the outer edges of a hurricane had touched us, a stump that had been in the water right in front of our house came loose and floated over to his dock.  He called one day and began berating Tim for "moving" the stump.  Yeah, it was weird.  Tim tried explaining that the storm had knocked it loose and the tides had moved it, but he wasn't buying it.  

After this latest conversation, we're thinking dementia.

On a somewhat related topic, (the topic being confusion, specifically MY confusion) I took our kitten, Scout, to the veterinarian this morning to get her shots.  I learned two things.
The first is that it takes two vets and two techs (a total of FOUR adults) to hold down one squirming 10 week old kitten in order to draw blood.  The second?  That "Scout" is not a girl kitty, she he is a boy!!  Back to the drawing board for name ideas.  

And finally today, I am leaving you with a "teaser".  Tomorrow there will be a guest blogger.  That's right - Mr. VK is going to grace us all with his presence.  You won't want to miss it! (There's no telling what HE'LL have to say!)

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