Tuesday, April 27, 2010

World Peace and Rice

Whenever Tim grills fish for dinner, he asks Clay to make rice and Paige to make a salad (I get a night off!).  Paige does a great job with the salad, but the past few times Clay has made the rice it has been...um....a bit...crunchy.
Last night, Tim was grilling the halibut, Paige was chopping cucumbers, and there was a bit of teasing going on regarding the crunchy yellow rice.  Tim was advising Clay that he needed to leave the top on the pan so it will cook completely, etc.
Clay, who never noticed anything wrong with his rice in the first place, replied indignantly, "Hmmph!  When I become a famous rice cooker and when my rice solves world peace....you guys will be sorry!"

His rice was great last night...tender and perfectly cooked.

At the table, Clay was smugly going on (and on and on) about how awesome the rice was, and weren't we sorry now that we had teased his amazing rice making skills....When Tim informed him that he had added an extra cup of water to the rice because there wasn't enough water, Clay sputtered and stammered and refused to believe it.  He replied that it would have been better with a bit more crunch, and implied that Tim had messed "his" rice up.

That boy takes his rice making seriously.

Who knows - maybe it will solve world peace one day and Clay will be famous for his rice.

He certainly is famous for his crunchy rice around here!

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