Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to the grind!

Here we go again.  Spring Break was wonderful and relaxing...we slept late every morning and didn't have to do anything or be anywhere all week.  It was wonderful.

But it's over.

Clay and I were up at "O-Dark-Thirty" again this morning, and now I am dragging.  What idiotic bureaucrat decided making high school kids start school at 7:00 am was a good idea???!!!  Ugh.  Poor Clay.

Last night was my night to provide dinner for the church youth group.  I decided on tacos, and I made Clay and Paige do most of the preparations!  Wasn't I smart?

Yes, that IS Paige giving me "the look" know, the "Oh great, papparazzi again" look

Even though I am a bit bummed about having to get up early and start back with all the activities this week, the GOOD news is that this is the final stretch - just two more months and then it will be summer vacation.  Yay!!

In addition to school, Taekwondo, Ballet, tutoring, etc...Paige also starts rehearsals for Coppelia this week and Clay is going away to a church retreat this weekend.  Next weekend is his state qualifier for Taekwondo in we will be busy around here!

Oh, I hate thinking about getting back into the whole "hurry, hurry, rush, rush" mindset...The past 9 days have been just so delightful.  We slept when we were tired, we ate when we were hungry.  We had family dinners.  We went out on the boat, we swam, (well, the kids did.  I watched...too cold for me) we had several family movie nights, (The Jerk, Pretty in Pink) ... we just relaxed!  

Speaking of Pretty in Pink, Have any of you seen that lately?  Oh wow - I forgot what a GREAT movie that is.  A young James Spader aka "Alan Shore" (Boston Legal)...and Annie Potts.  I love Annie Potts (remember her from Designing Women?  And wasn't that sad about Dixie Carter dying?)  My favorite line from that movie - "I used to have a great butt.  I DID!  I had a great butt.  I wish I had a photograph.  I loved my butt!"

Sigh.  Isn't that the truth?

Actually, the really sad thing is - I hated my butt back when I was cute and skinny.  I thought I was fat!!  Wow.  Makes me want to go back in time just to slap my silly, skinny face!

Oh, and also?  Because we have been watching all these "old" movies with the kids lately (i.e. from the 70's and 80's!) Paige really, really, really wants a pink phone now.  An "old fashioned" one, with a curly cord thingy and the little holes you put your fingers in.

I realize this post is a bit disjointed.  I apologize.  I'm still half asleep.
I need more coffee.

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