Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy, beautiful spring break...plus some memories

Little tree frog hanging out in our mailbox
Kids spreading mulch.  AKA "payment for (many) services rendered"
This was 10 bags of mulch.  Guess we'll be heading back to get a few more bags!!
Planting flowers.  Lucy is supervising.
It has been a busy few days!  The weather has been gorgeous, but really quite warm.  I think we skipped right from winter into summer!  Yesterday we woke up fairly early (8:00 am!!) and I took Paige to the orthodontist, and then we went to Chamblin's Bookmine and Home Depot to buy some plants.  We ran home, unloaded the plants, picked Clay up and went to Lowes to buy mulch (I needed his muscles to help move the bags of mulch!)  As we were heading off to Lowes, we checked the mailbox and look who we found taking a nap in there!
The kids spent the afternoon at their grandmother's, doing odd jobs for her...and then we all went to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, where Clay loaded his plate up!  Hungry, growing, teenage boys LOVE buffets!!

The other night at Clay's little shindig, my friend Laurie and I were talking about how Clay and "B" are such good friends  They both think of the other as their best friend.  Isn't that sweet?  They tease each other, tell each other everything (sometimes a little too much everything??  TMI?)  and trust each other completely.  I didn't have a best friend who was a guy until I was in college, but he was just like that!  The big brother I never had.  He gave me advice about guys, taught me how to change a spark plug in my (old and rather decrepit) Toyota, he encouraged me to interview for my first Flight Attendant position.  We worked together, and even lived together for about a month when I was in between apartments and crashed at his for about a month!  He was a pilot, and somehow with all our moves and changing bases, we lost touch.  A couple of years ago, I went searching for him online.  I found him.
My buddy, who I loved like a brother (and who treated me like a little sister), had been killed in a car accident years ago.


Shortly afterward, I tried to get in touch with another close friend from my college days.  If Ken was like my big brother, then Lee Ann was like my big sister.  She knew everything about me, and loved me anyway!  I never completely lost touch with Lee Ann - I always knew she was in Tallahassee, but we didn't keep in touch like we should have once we were married and had kids.  This was in April of 2008.  I found out that Lee Ann had passed away the month before from breast cancer.

Ken and Lee Ann were smart, generous, and loving and my life was enriched by knowing them both.  I am dedicating this post to my friends Ken Sittman and Lee Ann Thomas, and to all my friends.
Life is short.
I love you all.
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