Thursday, April 1, 2010

Turtle Yoga

Clay called yesterday as I was driving Paige home from Ballet.

He said that the turtles were doing yoga on top of each other.

Mmmm Hmmmm.

I know what that means!  I told Clay I thought they were too young to be doing that sort of thing.  Silence, then, "Mom, NO...not that!  They're really just doing yoga on top of each other!"

I was highly suspicious, because...well, yoga?  On top on one another??  C'mon!

When I got home they were just doing this...

I decided to do some online research and found that
A.  There is really a yoga pose called the "turtle", and
B.  In the wild, turtles are often seen stacked on top of one another.  It is believed that they do this when there is not enough space for basking.

No, there is really not a point to this story.  It just made me laugh because it reminded me of when Clay was in Kindergarten and was fascinated with this guy...

Clay loved that crazy fool, and would watch the show ALL the time!  He dressed as him for Halloween, complete with plastic fake alligator.  He imitated him at home, just for "fun"...

Clay WORSHIPPED the guy!
(Which, actually, was a bit worrisome since we live in Florida, on the water, and see alligators!!) I had some concerns that he might take his imitating Steve beyond a plastic gator!!

Anyway, suffice to say that Clay loved Steve Irwin, watched The Crocodile Hunter religiously.  He referred to him as Steve and his wife as Terri...knew the names of the crocodiles, could (and DID) quote the guy ad nauseum.

One day he was talking about something "Steve" had said about when the crocodiles are mating.

I became a bit concerned, because he WAS only in Kindergarten...I wondered exactly what that fool Australian was exposing my sweet, innocent child to.  So, I asked Clay if he knew what "mating" meant.

"Oh sure, Mommy." (with a knowing, wiser than his year's look)

 (gasp!!)  "Really?  What is it?"

"That's when the boy crocodile and the girl crocodile make the water dance."


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